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Ameer Approved

Dec 10, 2019

Are we in a Men crisis? Suicide rates are up, depression is up, Masculinity being attacked. It seems like whichever corner you turn the narrative is being a "Man" is bad. 

Things we cover in today's #Ameerapproved episode 

  • Men need to take responsibility
  • Evolving as human
  • Why marriage is not worth it 
  • Family law
  • Red pill vs Blue pill
  • And much more 


Guest. Richard Cooper,

Entrepreneur, father, self-care advocate and purveyor of the cold hard truth. In 2014 Richard launched a YouTube channel mashing up his passion for entrepreneurship and cars. The original concept of interviewing entrepreneurs in their success rides, and share their stories of trials and tribulations that led them to excellence. A few years later and the after taking the red pill, Richards channel has become a runaway underground hit with 13+ million views and 100,000+ subscribers by helping men understand the truth about money, self-care and intersexual dynamics.