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Ameer Approved

Dec 7, 2019

In this episode of #Ameerapproved we cover

- What is the libertarian party

- Policies of the Canadian Libertarian party

- How we need to upgrade our social programs

- Why the Government needs transparency

- How we can make a more sustainable society  



Guest: Keith Komar

Keith is a single father of 2 originally from Cranbrook B.C. His mother is a Saskatchewan farm girl who can trace her lineage back to the late 1600s early 1700s to a town called Greenlay, Quebec. His father is an immigrant who managed to escape from Yugoslavia in the 1950s, only to be thrown in jail for deserting his country. Upon his release, he swam the Danube River into Austria and eventually made his way to Canada.


Keith has both a hereditary Canadian heritage and an immigrant background which gives him a unique perspective on some of todays more important topics dealing with immigration. Showing the same toughness as his father, Keith turned down a scholarship to Waterloo in Mathematics and chose instead to become a bricklayer. He is an activist for many causes and has supported marriage equality since the early 1990s when his brother and his partner were one of the first same-sex couples to marry at the United Church in Toronto in 1992. Keith’s activism for the Cannabis industry began in 2015 when he was in Calgary and Dana Larsen got arrested for handing out seeds.


Keith was at the front line demanding they arrest him as well. In 2016, Keith warned against the impending Cannabis Act and the "man behind the curtain so to speak, that would eventually lead to the problems we are seeing today with the poorly executed legalization of cannabis in Canada. Keith is still fighting for the decriminalization of cannabis and spoke at the 420 Rally for cannabis freedom at both the Vancouver event in 2017 and the Toronto event in 2019. He will continue to fight until cannabis is decriminalized. Keith is a staunch supporter of property rights and freedom of speech.

Keith was first introduced to Libertarianism in 2008 while following the U.S. election. He was immediately captivated by Dr. Paul and his unapologetic stances on property rights and personal freedoms. Keith is well-read on many topics, has read all of Ayn Rand books, and is a follower of Milton Friedman and Frederick Hayak.


In September 2015 Keith found Tim Moen and the Libertarian Party of Canada and supported the local candidate in Grand Prairie for the 2015 election. In 2016, Keith became involved with the BC Libertarian Party and helped grow its membership and candidate numbers for the 2017 provincial election. Keith himself garnered the 2nd highest percentage of votes for the party in that election (2.5%) and the 3rd highest vote total (410).

In 2018 Keith moved back to Ontario and became involved with the Ontario Libertarian Party where he is currently running for party leader. Keith represented the Libertarian Party of Canada in the York-Simcoe riding in Barrie during the 2019 federal by-election,