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Ameer Approved

Sep 27, 2019

How Do You Build a Million Dollar Marketing Agency - Dev Basu


In this episode, Dev Basu gives you a master class on what it took to build Power by Search into one of the most sought-after marketing agencies. He goes all-in with his strategies from wins to losses and why he choose to switch to a virtual company mode


Guest Dev Basu

Dev Basu is the founder of Powered by Search, a performance media and digital marketing agency that helps b2b software technology companies such as Clio, Clickfunnels, and Shutterstock on how to create relevant user experiences that get them more attention, build connections, and drive conversion.

In 2018, Powered by Search’s work has driven over $2.4 billion in annual sales, directly attributable to the Intent Engine methodology applied successfully to SEO, Direct Response Paid
Search, and Social.