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Ameer Approved

Dec 1, 2020

Guest Brad Mills

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Brad Mills is a Partner at Centah and Xsquared Ventures. [1] Brad Mills is the Head of Algorithms at Alphabit, an actively managed cryptocurrency investment fund. He also consults companies who want to enter the blockchain space.

Career Since 2018 Brad has been a Partner at Centah and Xsquared Ventures. In addition, Brad runs the Magic Internet Money podcast. Previously, he was a filmmaker and indie games, creator. He is a commentator on cryptocurrency matters and these are his insights on some crypto coins: "In terms of fundamentals for Bitcoin, things have never been better. Lightning Network is bringing back the low fee peer-to-peer use case while retaining the decentralized base layer, which is what gives a cryptocurrency its intrinsic value as government & censorship-resistant store of value".