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Ameer Approved

Dec 3, 2019

In this episode of AmeerApproved I talk to John Sonmez about all things Real estate investing

Topics we cover

  • The compound effect in Real estate
  • Buy Big, hold long
  • Real estate is best for Taxes
  • is the location the best?
  • How to start from zero
  • Using leverage as "free" money 



Guest: John Sonmez


How I Built Enough Wealth and "Passive Income" to Retire at 32—Without Putting My Family at Risk And with the right investment approach, you can turn those paychecks into a long-term source of income that doesn't require you showing up every day and punching a clock. When I was 18, I set a goal for myself to "retire" by age 35. I could see that the only tool that would allow me to meet that goal was investing in real estate. John Sonmez started investing in real estate at 18, and by the time he turned 32 he had built enough wealth to retire. And by my 32nd birthday, I had built enough monthly, residual income that I never had to work again unless I chose too.