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Ameer Approved

Mar 29, 2020

Had a blast interviewing

It's an important episode as more and more people want Government control. And why NOW is more important than ever to focus on FREE markets and a FREE society Free markets for free men with free minds



Mar 27, 2020

📉 Bitcoin And The Stockmarket: What is going on?


- Long term Bitcoin forecast

- Stock market lack of faith

- Global Fiat problems 


Guest Scott Melker. Scott is a crypto trader at TexasWestCapital

Mar 25, 2020

Socialism for the Technocrats: Corporate America to corporate welfare

Topics covered

  • Corporate welfare (Socialism for the elite)
  • Freezing rent payments
  • And restructuring failed companies with better operators


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Get his new book: Goliath The...

Mar 23, 2020

This Is Not a Recession. It’s an Ice Age. – Marc Faber


Watch the full episode here

Financial markets are facing their worst crisis since 1929, a veteran analyst told CNBC on Friday, as top economists downgraded their forecasts to point to an impending global recession.




Mar 20, 2020

“The Federal Reserve’s recent interest-rate cuts have done little to stop the stock market crash. The Fed’s series of rate cuts over the past six months, when there was no imminent signs of recession, left it without the ammunition to fight a real economic crisis, like the coronavirus. Once the crisis passes,...